Smoke Break

My goal is to create an animated broadcast in a daily show format, release it as a web series, and eventually develop it into a full cartoon series. Smoke Break is a cannabis publication reporting on the world changing around us as weed legalizes, commercializes, and the stoner paranoia of it being weaponized sinks in.

The Cast

Blunt wraps and rolling papers of a generation as daytime news anchors sparking up truths, take digital dabs, and portraying lifes' day to day spectacles.
Bill Backwoods
Swisher Steve

Weed Pillows

The OG Kush Weed Pillow is a throw pillow that looks like a ziploc bag of weed. It's home decor for cannabis enthusiasts. I'm selling weed pillows and other merchandise to raise funds.

I took a photo.


Made a design.


Printed pillow cases.


Made a product.


Now, I'm selling.


My pillow.


Next Steps...

I've been selling these weed pillows since January 2019. I've sold over 2,000 units, and recently landed a drop ship vendor agreement with a big box store. The challenge with this opportunity is infrastructure. I would like to relinquish dependency on our third party fulfillment provider by setting up manufacturing in-house, taking control of our manufacturing, and, in turn, maximizing our profit margins. That's where we're headed. Thank you for your support. Every order counts!