Smoke Break Live is an idea for an animated broadcast in a daily show format, released as a web series, and eventually develop it into a full cartoon series. Smoke Break is a cannabis publication reporting on the world changing around us as weed legalizes, commercializes, and the stoner paranoia of it being weaponized sinks in.


Blunt wraps and rolling papers of a generation as daytime news anchors sparking up truths, take digital dabs, and portraying lifes' day to day spectacles. Bill Backwoods Swisher Steve Weed Pillows

The Novelty Weed Pillow is a throw pillow that looks like a ziploc bag of weed. It's home decor for cannabis enthusiasts. I'm selling weed pillows and other merchandise to raise funds.


I took a photo.

Made a design.

Printed pillow cases.

Made a product.

Now, I'm selling.

My pillow.


Next Steps... I've been selling these weed pillows since January 2019. We've started partnered with Printful, an on-demand fulfillment center. With the profits, I've been able to setup manufacturing in-house and maximize our margins. We are rolling out a business application to support our model, and introducing an affiliates program to open our platform and products up to be drop-shipped by holders of our NFT.

Thank you for your support. Every order counts!