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Novelty Weed Throw Pillow

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This novelty weed pillow is made to mock a the real thing with a hyper-realistic printed case. This pillow is the perfect gift for any cannabis advocate. It’s guaranteed to spark a reaction.

The novelty weed pillow will have heads turning and people talking. It’s a great travel pillow. It pays for itself, whether you’re stoned, sleepy, or hungry for a good laugh.

Buy a novelty weed pillow today!


- Hand-blown borosilicate glass
- Removable ceramic bowl
- LED light band
- Rugged silicone base

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We will process your order within 72 hours after receive your order. If you need to change the address, please contact us within 12 hours.


- 7" high x 2.75" base

It's that pillow guy!

Every throw pillow is sewn and assembled on-demand by myself to ensure a quality product.

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