Don’t Trap on Me Patch


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The Don’t Trap on Me patch is inspired by the Gadsden flag, dating back to 1775. The flag was originally given to the Commander and Chief of the Navy before departing on their first mission, and a second to the Congress of South Carolina.

The Gadsden flag was considered one of the first flags of the United States. It was brought about during the American Revolution symbolizing the fight for independence. Since the Revolution, the flag has seen resurgences as a symbol of American patriotism, disagreement with government, or support for civil liberties.

It has been my feeling that there has been an attempt to trap our generation through enslavement by debt. If you look close, you’ll see the snake is in the shape of a dollar sign. The Don’t Trap on Me patch means I will not be ruled by your riches. I will not bow to your status. My morals are not for sale. I will not be silenced due to my lack of funds. I will create meaning, and find hope in the truth.

Product specs:

  • 8in x 15in
  • Iron-on adhesive backing
  • DTG print with partial embroidery


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